Adjusting Perspective

April 4, 2010 at 12:36 am Leave a comment

Sorry in advance about this post– I’m working on getting to that contented place, so my posts can be glowing and happy, but I’m on the low end lately.

I didn’t change my habits today.

I ate too much, and didn’t go to the gym, and haven’t got enough work done.  However, I am trying to adjust my perspective on it. I know the reasons I act self-destructively is because on some level I’m disappointed in myself, which makes me mad at myself, which makes me take it out on myself in self-destructive behavior. Something has to change, so maybe my reaction to my shortcomings is a place to start.

Good things about today:

It was warm!




Yes, I ate the whole pint. Look at them.

That was probably the prettiest thing I ate today, so that’s all I pictured. 🙂

It’s supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow, and I don’t have to be at work until 11 AM, so I’m going to ATTEMPT to go for a run– my first one outside since this summer! (I may give up and go to the gym, JSYK.)

Tomorrow is Easter! My sister is going to come over tonight, and sleep over. I haven’t seen her in a while, so that will be nice. When we were kids, we always dressed in identical dresses and shoes on Easter, and went egg hunting and gorged ourselves on jellybeans and chocolate and eggs (but not the yolks. yuck! Though I do like them now.). I think we went to church too, but that doesn’t seem to stick out in my memory as much. Oh yeah, the boring part where we giggled to each other for an hour and got shushed constantly until sunday school.  Haha. Wait, I might have an old picture of us scanned in here!

My sister (right) and me (left)

This is actually on the late end of the years we did this, but this pretty much encapsulates how Easter was.

Good times.  I work all day unfortunately, but that’s ok.

School on monday, yikes! Gonna try to get some work done, even though my paper is late, it’ll be better to have it mostly done than not at all. See? Terrible work ethics lately. I haven’t always been this way, I used to be a really good student!  Le sigh.

I’ll try to take more pictures tomorrow, and update links and stuff on here. Work in progress!

Happy Spring! 🙂


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