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I’m at the library doing homework! I’m so proud of myself.  Obviously not this SECOND, but I have been for about 2 hours.

I was PLANNING on trying to go for  a run this morning, but then I woke up at 10:15. So that was out. I have too much to do! Yeah, that probably is just an excuse. The gym is good too though right? lol

The last few days have been better. I am working on disciplining myself– to be neater, to be more controlled. The last few years have been the opposite– I have been trying to “let loose” more, because of my prior eating disorder. I can safely say I have not had it for quite some time, but unfortunately I think the all-too-common switcheroo has occured, and I have problems saying “no” now, and creating boundaries for myself. So, a different issue, but that’s life. This is part of the reason for this blog– I need to keep myself accountable, and if it’s too embarrassing to share with the world, then why would I do that to myself?

So. A few pictures of the eats of the last few days (still not all of them, working on making it a habit):

Tofu, salsa, nutritional yeast and dill:

Not as gross as it looks. Melba toast! Love.

Greek yogurt, with sweetener. Tofu, with cinnamon and stevia. I am aware I use far too much sweetener.

A high-protein, whole wheat, with flax mini pita with Teddie’s smooth pb with flax. I love flax. Conveniently posed to show my GREEN thumbnail!

It reminds me of skittles. I don't like skittles, but they are pretty.

Breakfast today!

Starbellies and greek w/truvia. Best combo evar. Popcorn, with cinnamon!

Aaaand, hot chocolate. Low cal, so I had…um….a few. lol! I may or may not have spiked this with coffee.

I love this cup. It says: “Have a a day filled with rainbows!” Adorable.

Then, I puttered around for a while, was grumpy at my mom (sorry!), took out the trash and came to the library. Working on papers that are late. I am so. behind. Got a li’l hungry, so I had my sample bar that I got from Kashi!

Dark choco coco. It was great. A little sweet, but delicious.

Ate it, then remembered I was supposed to take a picture. Oops.

I probably should get back to work. LE SIGH.

Gym later, home, more work and CASTLE! I love that show. Anybody watch it?

Tomorrow: School with the evil teacher (seriously bad, more on that later), work, and gym of i can manage it.

Oh! I might be able to pick up my fixed bike today! Woot! It’s been a while since I used that thing. SPRINGTIME, I love you.

Hope it’s as gorgeous where you are as it is here! 🙂


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Adjusting Perspective No Bike Yet…

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