No Bike Yet…

April 6, 2010 at 11:23 pm Leave a comment

The gorgeous weather has the bike store overwhelmed with projects, so they called and very adorably asked if it were okay if they took a few more days to fix it. I don’t mind, I wouldn’t even have a chance to ride it til Thursday or Saturday anyway.

I. HATE. this class. No, not the class, the teacher. He is a moron and takes EVERY chance he possible can to insult us, berate us, tell us we aren’t good enough, and that Europe is soooo much better than America. I honestly think I wouldn’t mind much if I failed this class. I might, too. Okay, obviously I’d mind a lot, but seriously, HATRED.

So, eats. I did okay. Too much again. I need to stop the mindless night eating. It kills me!

—> Tofu, of course. If you’re wondering why I eat a random pile of tofu daily it’s because A. I eat weird things and B. this tofu has 30 grams of protein in only 150 calories. Heck yes. I try to get a LOT of protein in each day– it used to be at least 1g per lb, but I’ve eased up on that. I figure over 100g is good. It might be overkill, but I have (in the past) spent a lot of time on bodybuilding websites, and they like to say lots of protein is good. The website isn’t just for bb-ers, it’s for regular gymmers like me, too.


Cinnamon was added, of course.

-Peeeeeanut butter. With flax! Yay omegas!

x 2. or 3. or maybe 4.

-Then broccoli soup, with crackers…and hummus, and maybe some other snacky things.

I’d never had this. It was good! could use some added veggies, or maybe diced up veggie hot dogs. Ooo, definitely doing that next time. And cheese. 😀

I may or may not have had more hot chocolate with some whipped cream that magically appeared in our fridge. I saw it, thought, “What is this?! I MUST EAT IT!” Of course.

And I made my new favorite treat– choco-coco-coffee blendy thing!

Ice, coffee, sweetener, coconut milk, hotchoc packet, blend. Incredible and makes you FREEZING after, so you make another one, ‘cuz that’ll fix it! hehe.

Why yes I AM a genius, thank you very much.

And a lot of other crap that went into my mouth that I shouldn’t have had. Sigh. WORK IN PROGRESS.

Okay, gonna try to finish this crap paper, so wish me luck.


PS– does anyone know how to make the paragraphs indent? It looks weird to me the way it is. thanks!


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