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Had a late class tonight…7-10, and it takes 30 min to get there. Ew, right? I’m beat. It’s late. But I have all these pics of some stuff, so here we go.

Before my run, I had a banana and a li’l scoop of pb, like a teaspoon.
No picture, but it looked like a banana and a tsp of pb. I’ll pause while you picture that.

Second breakfast: some greek yogurt and some Barney Butter! I like the portion control, but it’s a pain to get out of the package. I WANT EVERY DROP. haha.

Later, after some hot chocolate/coffee (you will soon see that I have far too many of these a day. It’s a problem, but I’m still okay with it. I love them.), I went to the library to do some work and ran to get a few things from the store. (Strawberries! Coconut milk! Tofu! etc.)

Before I went in, I snacked on one of these guys:

Love this brand. Yum. Yes I had it plain, what? :p

I couldn’t really concentrate at the library. I was still hungry. So, after about 2 hours, I went home and had….

Tofu! (duh)

And I doctored up some broccoli soup with a Smart Dog and melba toast! Was yums.

Doesn’t look too good, but it was. I promise. Especially with my favorite spoon! I dented it making a smoothie the other day though. 😦

Then, later, yes, I had a chocococo blendy thing. I’m addicted. It tastes like a Frosty, kinda.

Later….I finished off a jar of pb. I love doing that, it’s so satisfying.

And yes, there were many things that went unphoto-ed. Working on not snacking, but that’s a toughie to break!

Does anyone watch Bones? I adore that show (along with 30 Rock. My 2 faves.) The latest episode…..oh my god! And WHY? And STUPID! and Sads….and love. And I miss Zach. And this show is torturous. Love it.

Ok, gonna try to sleep now. Work 9-2 tomorrow…hour commute (with traffic). Ew.

Picking up my bike! Woot! Hopefully gymming, then homework. As always.



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I did it! Today was boring

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